Here is a sneak preview of the next RamperPro firmware

We are very close to the release of the next firmware release for our RamperPro time lapse controller. The RamperPro was already the most advanced controller available but the new firmware will push the limits even further. Here are two features that will be included too (besides the real new functionality that we will announce later).

eMotimo has stopped the production of the TB3

eMotimo as accounced that they have stopped producing the very popular TB3. This is the original announcement:

We’ve stopped producing TB3s and the ones we have in stock are running out quickly. It has been an incredible product but it’s time for us to focus our energies on something new. Before we talk about what happens next, we’d like to talk about where the TB3 has been and what made it successful enough to disrupt an industry.

RamperPro firmware 3054 is out - 24 Hour ramping is now supported

We are happy and excited to announce RamperPro firmware 3054. This firmware includes two new major features and further improved support to shoot with two cameras.

This makes the RamperPro the only hand held controller on the market that supports shooting sunrises and long day to night to day time lapse movies totally unattended. Just setup your camera and let it run automatically.

What's new:

Elysia Visuals is now an official mSlider distributor

We are proud to announce that ElysiaVisuals is now an official mSlider distributor. mSlider is a European creator of highly advanced motion control hardware.

Here is a short description of the vision of mSlider:

An entire multi-axis modular system
In mSlider we have worked hard to design a system of multiple axes fully configurable according to the needs of each person. We have achieved to make an easily assembled and simple in use equipment.

The unique features of the RamperPro

The RamperPro has a few features that are unique from any other hand held time lapse controller. The RamperPro is the only controller that supports unattended sunrise shoots. Just start the RamperPro and let it do its' work. You don't have to fiddle with settings or exposure settings during your sunrise shoot. No more over exposed sunrise shoots! Another unique feature of the RamperPro is that it supports two cameras. These can even be two cameras from different brands.

The RamperPro now has a very easy way to setup unattended sunrise and sunset timelapse shoots

We continue to strive to offer the best time lapse controller on the market. The RamperPro is currently the only controller that offers unattended sunrises for example. The RamperPro is also the only controller that delivers flicker free output; there is no need to use any deflicker software to get perfect resutls out of your Canon, Nikon or Pansonic camera. Setting up your unattended shoot could be a bit difficult for some in the past. But those days are gone! We are now offering a completely new way to setup the RamperPro.

Joel Chat Reviewed the RamperPro

Here is a video review by Joel Chat about the RamperPro. He calls it "My new favorite day to night device".

ElysiaVisuals has joined hands with TetherTools

You can now get your RamperPro advanced timelapse controller together with a TetherPro USB cable from TetherTools. These high quality cables are the perfect way to connect the USB port of your camera with the RamperPro. We have selected the TetherPro cables because they are long enough while keeping a very reliable USB connection with the RamperPro.

RamperPro testimonial from Giorgio Litt

Giorgio Litt from posted a very nice testimonial about the RamperPro on my Facebook page that I really want to share.

You can now order your RamperPro on our site directly from countries outsite Europe

We are very happy to announce that we have changed our online store. You can now order your RamperPro advanced controller directly from major countries that are located outside Europe. Just select your shipping country during checkout so that the site can calculate your order total. Please note that you will not pay the 21% VAT when we ship the RamperPro to countries that are not a member of the EU or to countries that are located outside Europe!