RamperPro firmware 3058 is available - Narvik Release

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We are very happy to announce the latest major RamperPro firmware release  called Narvik. This firmware was tested and further developed way over the polar circle in Norway. We added support for Sony A7 cameras, Kessler Second Shooter motion control hardware, and the overall performance of the RamperPro was greatly enhanced.

What's new:

  • Added support for Kessler Second Shooter integration. This integration is done via USB. This means that you need to update both your RamperPro and your Second Shooter controller to the latest firmware.
  • Sony A7r and Sony A7s support. The RamperPro is now able to control Sony A7 cameras. This is with full USB control, histogram analysis and all other RamperPro features. The images are downloaded to the RamperPro controller, so you need a larger memory card inside the RamperPro. The reason for this is that Sony cameras are not storing images to the internal network card when these cameras are connected to a PC/Mac/RamperPro via USB. More about Sony support for the RamperPro can be found here: How to use the RamperPro with a Sony A7x camera.
  • Added support for the new Canon 5DS and 5DS R cameras. Please check this manual page the describes how to use these cameras.
  • Added support for Canon 550D/T3i cameras.
  • Arctic Sunset support. Sunsets can be after 12 at night in the arctic. You can now setup the civil sunset and astronomical sunset to happen after 12 at night. A sunset at AM can be setup as a value of 25:00:00 which means 1AM the next day.
  • Added a new feature to easily recalibrate the touch screen. Its was possible to loose control of the RamperPro when you accidentally didn't calibrate the touch screen properly. Just press the touch screen for 20 seconds and you can now calibrate the screen again.
  • Added better exceptoin handling. You will now get a warning when the USB connection with the camera is lost (mostly because of a loos USB cable or when the camera battery is empty). The RamperPro will continue to run in an attempt to continue the sequence. You need to manually stop the RamperPro in this situation.

New Manual pages

  • You can find more about Kessler Second Shooter integration at this manual page.
  • Added more information about how to properly expose after sunset and how to rebuild your RamperPro SD card.

Other features of 3058

  • Improved the performance of the 24 hour ramping mode.
  • Added an additional way to upgrade the firmware. This makes it easier to seed beta versions of upcomping releases.
  • Fixed a bug in the simulation mode where the total amount of images was not calculated properly when the RamperPro was setup to use interval ramping.
  • Fixed a situation where the RamperPro would get unresponsive after it finished a shoot under some specific situations.
  • Fixed a problem where the RamperPro would not ramp properly when some parameters had specific (but correct) values.
  • Fixed a few cosmetic issues.
  • Improved many (minor) features.

SecondShooter RamperPro setup tutorial from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.

Introduction to how to calibrate the RamperPro touch screen from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.

RamperPro new lost USB behavior available in firmware 3058 and up from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.