Minor RamperPro update released. Version 3062

RamperPro firmware 3062 has been released. You can now setup the WIFi name of your RamperPro and a few issues are solved. What is included:

RamperPro2 announcement

We have replaced the RamperPro2 by the RamperPro3. The RamperPro3 offers the same greate performance, but we have added WiFi and Bluetooth. Click here to find out more about the RamperPro3.

We are very proud to announce the second iteration of the most professional time lapse controller on the market: the RamperPro2. The RamperPro is being used by many professionals and broadcast companies all over the world. The new RamperPro2 will push the boundaries even further.

The RamperPro can now work together with the Kessler Second Shooter controller

The RamperPro can now be connected to the Kessler Second Shooter controller via USB. That means that these two devices can now perfectly synchronize with each other. The RamperPro will control the camera. The Second Shooter controller will control your move. Here is how to set this all up:

Second Shooter RamperPro setup tutorial from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.

RamperPro firmware 3058 is available - Narvik Release

We are very happy to announce the latest major RamperPro firmware release  called Narvik. This firmware was tested and further developed way over the polar circle in Norway. We added support for Sony A7 cameras, Kessler Second Shooter motion control hardware, and the overall performance of the RamperPro was greatly enhanced.

Here is a sneak preview of the next RamperPro firmware

We are very close to the release of the next firmware release for our RamperPro time lapse controller. The RamperPro was already the most advanced controller available but the new firmware will push the limits even further. Here are two features that will be included too (besides the real new functionality that we will announce later).

ElysiaVisuals has joined hands with TetherTools

You can now get your RamperPro advanced timelapse controller together with a TetherPro USB cable from TetherTools. These high quality cables are the perfect way to connect the USB port of your camera with the RamperPro. We have selected the TetherPro cables because they are long enough while keeping a very reliable USB connection with the RamperPro.

Ron Risman from reviewed the RamperPro time lapse controller

Ron Risman from did a full review of our RamperPro time lapse controller. This is what he says:

The design of the RamperPro is genius. By actually writing corrective XMP data to compensate for the limitations of a digital SLR it has the ability to shoot at any time of day without being limited to the rather large exposure jumps caused by using one of your cameras auto modes (Av priority, Tv priority, or auto ISO).

RamperPro firmware 3025 is available - La Palma release

Today we released a new major firmware version for our advanced RamperPro timelapse controller. We took the RamperPro to La Palma where we had the ability to really test the unit to the edge of its' capabilities. The results of these tests have resulted to the "La Palma" release of the RamperPro firmware. We have also added many requests from our customers. Please keep sending us feature requests!

RamperPro firmware 3020 is available

We just uploaded the latest RamperPro firmware 3020 firmware.  This firmware is the first step to a new feature that we will be releasing very soon from now (probably in a week). The next firmware (3021) will feature in-flight modification wizards. These wizards will enable you to modify your shoot while the RamperPro is running. You can, for example, modify the exposure by specifying the correction (in stops) and the number of images that the RamperPro can take to reach this correction. You can upgrade your RamperPro by connecting the unit to the Internet.

How to use the I/O isolator

The RamperPro can trigger motion controllers like the MX2 and MX3 from Dynamic Perception or the eMotimo TB3. These motion control devices suspect an external switch that notifies them to move their motors.