RamperPro firmware 3054 is out - 24 Hour ramping is now supported

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We are happy and excited to announce RamperPro firmware 3054. This firmware includes two new major features and further improved support to shoot with two cameras.

This makes the RamperPro the only hand held controller on the market that supports shooting sunrises and long day to night to day time lapse movies totally unattended. Just setup your camera and let it run automatically.

What's new:

  • New XMP data smoothing algorithm. This is beta, but you can use it without any risk since the original way of creating XMP files on the RamperPro SD card is still there as it was in previous releases. There will now be a second set of  XMP files written in a sub folder called “smoothed”. You can use the original set as you always do by copying the XMP files next to your RAW files. The XMP files in the “smoothed” folder can then be copied to your folder that hold the raw files too. The “smoothed” XMP files will overwrite some (and not all) of the original XMP files. This additional steps will be removed as soon as we get more input from RamperPro users. So the original way of using the XMP files can still be used; all XMP files are still where they were in the past. But the set of new smoothed XMP files probably will contain better data which will give you even smoother ramping curves.
  • 24 Hour support. This is beta, but we had such great output during our tests that we decided to share this feature with our RamperPro customers. You can shoot day->night->day with this mode. Night->Day->Night shooting is supported too but we will continue to improve this feature in future (free) firmware updates.
  • The histograms displayed on the touch screen of the RamperPro could be confusing during sun rises. That is now made easier to understand. The right part of the histogram will only be red when there is over exposure during a sun set. The left part of the histogram will turn red when there is under exposure during a sun rise. A red part of the histogram indicates that ramping is blocked.
  • Changed the sunrise algorithm. Sunrises could (slightly) over expose in some specific situation before the actual sun rise time because the RamperPro was ramping too slow. This part has been modified now.
  • The change from night to where the light sensor measures light during sunrises wan’t smooth in some cases. This transition is more conservative now.
  • Fixed an issue where the run file for camera 2 was not properly filled in 3D mode.
  • Fixed an issue where cameras wouldn't’t ramp evenly in 3D mode.
  • Changed and fixed very minor things.

All and all a very exciting release because of the new XMP smoothing algorithm and the first beta release of the extended 24 hour ramping support.