The RamperPro goes on tour in the United States and Canada and it can visit you too!

We just boxed a RamperPro with every additional item that you can think of. Camera cables for Nikon and Canon, a battery pack, DragonFrame adapter, a native RamperPro stepper driver controller that fits right into your eMotimo slider motor and more. This box will be shipped throughout the US and Canada to shooters who are serious in testing the RamperPro. You can be one of these shooters if you:
  • Are willing to send the complete contents through to the next shooter,
  • Test the RamperPro within a 3 week time span.
  • Write a review on your blog.

RamperPro tutorial - How to create stunning sunsets with the RamperPro

There are a lot of settings that you can tweak to ramp a sunset with the RamperPro; but there are only 5 settings that you should at least evaluate. All other settings will work right out-of-the-box for you.

RamperPro tutorial - how to create flicker free timelapse movies

RamperPro feature overview

StageR powered by the RamperPro

Here is a very short sneak preview of the motion control features of the RamperPro:

StageR powered by the RamperPro from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.

The Dynamic Perception StageR is now in stock

The exciting DynamicPerception StageR motion blocks are now in stock at We are going to add this product to our online store in the next few days.

The StageR can be controlled with the DynamicPerception MX3 controller when you use the EZ Swap DC motors. It is also possible to control the StageR directly with our RamperPro advanced timelapse controller. The RamperPro is able to control one stepper motor axis (quad axis support will be available in October).

The future of the RamperPro - Motion Control

ElysiaVisuals is happy to announce some exciting developments that further enhance the RamperPro's capabilities. We have developed a very small stepper motor add-on to the RamperPro that you can use to control your slider directly from the RamperPro. All RamperPro controllers are equipped with an accelerometer. This makes that the RamperPro can be used as a joystick. You can setup the stepper motor by tilting the RamperPro. Just set the start and end position of your slider and you are good to go.

The RamperPro now has a new highly accurate light sensor algorithm

We are very happy to announce a new highly advanced light sensor algorithm for our RamperPro timelapse controller. We already included a few important modifications in the previous firmware; but we were able to improve the firmware even more. The new light sensor firmware is very capable of really following a sunset by combining the new light sensor algorithm and the histogram analysis of the RamperPro.

RamperPro firmware 3025 is available - La Palma release

Today we released a new major firmware version for our advanced RamperPro timelapse controller. We took the RamperPro to La Palma where we had the ability to really test the unit to the edge of its' capabilities. The results of these tests have resulted to the "La Palma" release of the RamperPro firmware. We have also added many requests from our customers. Please keep sending us feature requests!

We now have a powerful battery solution for the RamperPro

ElysiaVisuals is now offering a powerful 5V USB battery kit that you can use to power our RamperPro timelapse controller. We have tested several solutions and we have choosen this battery because it is powerful and affordable.