App support for the RamperPro

The RamperPro will get App support at the end of May. The next firmware update will make it possible for you to watch the progress of your shoot on your smart phone, tablet of laptop. You can setup the RamperPro in the field and watch your images from your warm car. No need to checkout the RamperPros' touch screen when you use this new feature. The data will be made available via WiFi. Just add a very cheap USB WiFi dongle to your RamperPro and you are fully set. This also makes it possible to review your images on a much larger screen at full resolution.

What will be included in the next RamperPro firmware

Sale at ElysiaVisuals

We are clearing our warehouse. This is your chance to get your hands on some great equipment at a bargain price. We are selling our DitoGear demo equipment. This includes a 2 meter long OmniSlider, an Evolution controller and Trito controller.

We can also offer you a one meter long Scyo slider that is equipped with a stepper motor. This slider is sold without controller, but you can perfectly control this slider with a RamperPro motion control edition.

How to create a Sony SD card for the RamperPro on Windows

How to greate a (micro)SD card for the RamperPro that supports a Sony A7 camera on Windows:

RamperPro2 announcement

We have replaced the RamperPro2 by the RamperPro3. The RamperPro3 offers the same greate performance, but we have added WiFi and Bluetooth. Click here to find out more about the RamperPro3.

We are very proud to announce the second iteration of the most professional time lapse controller on the market: the RamperPro2. The RamperPro is being used by many professionals and broadcast companies all over the world. The new RamperPro2 will push the boundaries even further.

Kessler Crane made a video about the Second Shooter / RamperPro combination

Kessler Crane just published a video that shows how to combine the RamperPro with their Second Shooter controller. We, from, made a similar video. But we love the native speaker and explanations in this video!

Using Ramper Pro with Second Shooter from Kessler Crane on Vimeo.

The RamperPro now supports Sony A7x cameras

We are very happy to announce that the current firmware of the RamperPro supports Sony A7 (A7R, A7Rii, A7s) cameras. This is a beta feature, but we are having some impressing and stable results as you can see in this video:

RamperPro Sony A7r beta test from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.

The RamperPro can now work together with the Kessler Second Shooter controller

The RamperPro can now be connected to the Kessler Second Shooter controller via USB. That means that these two devices can now perfectly synchronize with each other. The RamperPro will control the camera. The Second Shooter controller will control your move. Here is how to set this all up:

Second Shooter RamperPro setup tutorial from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.

RamperPro firmware 3058 is available - Narvik Release

We are very happy to announce the latest major RamperPro firmware release  called Narvik. This firmware was tested and further developed way over the polar circle in Norway. We added support for Sony A7 cameras, Kessler Second Shooter motion control hardware, and the overall performance of the RamperPro was greatly enhanced.