The RamperPro now has a new highly accurate light sensor algorithm

We are very happy to announce a new highly advanced light sensor algorithm for our RamperPro timelapse controller. We already included a few important modifications in the previous firmware; but we were able to improve the firmware even more. The new light sensor firmware is very capable of really following a sunset by combining the new light sensor algorithm and the histogram analysis of the RamperPro.

RamperPro firmware 3025 is available - La Palma release

Today we released a new major firmware version for our advanced RamperPro timelapse controller. We took the RamperPro to La Palma where we had the ability to really test the unit to the edge of its' capabilities. The results of these tests have resulted to the "La Palma" release of the RamperPro firmware. We have also added many requests from our customers. Please keep sending us feature requests!

We now have a powerful battery solution for the RamperPro

ElysiaVisuals is now offering a powerful 5V USB battery kit that you can use to power our RamperPro timelapse controller. We have tested several solutions and we have choosen this battery because it is powerful and affordable.

Rhino Slider Pro is now in stock at

We are very happy to mention that the Rhino Slider Pro is now in stock in our online store. This slider can be combined with the TB3 black which gives you a perfect, affordable, 3-axis motion control system.

The Rhino 4ft slider Pro consists of solid stainless steel which rails are machined down to micron precision to provide the smoothest, most reliable motion of any camera slider. Riding on 6 wheels, packed with 12 high performance bearings, the carriage evenly distributes the weight of your camera setup.

We are now an official SCYO dolly distributor - Timelapse equipment from South Africa

ElysiaVisuals is now an official SCYO - Timelapse SA distributor. Their SCYO (Create Your Own Dolly) is an extremely versatile dolly that can be fitted with DC motors or with stepper motors. You can use the MX2, MX3 or our own RamperPro controller to control this dolly. The RamperPro can be extended with a stepper motor controller from ElysiaVisuals to make it all happen. This gives you an extremely strong dolly combined with the most versatile camera time lapse controller on the market.

RamperPro 20 stops test - from sun to stars

For many the holy grain of time lapse photography is a perfect sunset or a perfect sunrise. Shoots like this are originally called bulb ramping, but we like to call it exposure ramping. The reason for this is because the RamperPro can both support normal shutter speeds of your camera or it can use the bulb mode. All supported Nikon camera's are switched to bulb automatically, on Canon camera's the RamperPro will notify you when you need to switch your camera to bulb mode.

ElysiaVisuals is now an official Rhino Camera Gear dealer

ElysiaVisuals is now an official Rhino Camera Gear dealer. This means that we are able to deliver their very exciting slider that can be perfectly combined with the eMotimo pan and tilt head.

RamperPro manual override wizards are available in firmware 3023

The RamperPro now features three different override wizards that you can use to override the exposure, current ISO and ramping speed while you are creating a timelapse sequence. These wizards enable you to intervene without compromising the quality of your shoot. It is always possible that you set some settings that result in a timelapse sequence that was not planned. This can be easily seen because the RamperPro features an image playback function that displays the images that are taken by your camera on the touch screen of the controller.

Dynamic Perception Stage R: Versatile Motion Control for Timelapse and Film

Dynamic Perception has just announced their very exciting Stage R multi axis motion control system. The official announcement was make on We, as an official DynamicPerception distributor, will have the Stage R available in our online store as soon as it is available.

This is a very exciting product announcement since the Stager R offers an extremely strong pan and tilt solution for a price that we have not seen before.

RamperPro firmware 3020 is available

We just uploaded the latest RamperPro firmware 3020 firmware.  This firmware is the first step to a new feature that we will be releasing very soon from now (probably in a week). The next firmware (3021) will feature in-flight modification wizards. These wizards will enable you to modify your shoot while the RamperPro is running. You can, for example, modify the exposure by specifying the correction (in stops) and the number of images that the RamperPro can take to reach this correction. You can upgrade your RamperPro by connecting the unit to the Internet.