eMotimo has stopped the production of the TB3

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eMotimo as accounced that they have stopped producing the very popular TB3. This is the original announcement:

We’ve stopped producing TB3s and the ones we have in stock are running out quickly. It has been an incredible product but it’s time for us to focus our energies on something new. Before we talk about what happens next, we’d like to talk about where the TB3 has been and what made it successful enough to disrupt an industry.

The TB3/PT, brainchild of our founder Brian, was first developed a little over four years ago. Moving timelapse and repeatable precision motion control had only been seen on large-scale productions like Planet Earth at that time. With smart engineering and leveraging existing technologies eMotimo was able to capture what large production motion control had done in not just a more affordable package, but a smaller and lighter one as well.

We created a simplified interface for the TB3 and PT with the goal of eliminating barriers between the artist and the shots they were envisioning. It was also important that we integrate with other motion control products and not force our customers to buy any more gear than required. eMotimo’s reputation began to grow as our strong community of extremely talented photographers and cinematographers got on board. The material they created with the TB3 went viral and the industry took notice.

Since the TB3’s inception we’ve continued to improve the hardware and software with new features, refined design and sound engineering. All of the experience and enthusiasm gained with this product line is being applied directly to our future endeavors. This is why we’re discontinuing the TB3 in its current state. We’re looking forward to delivering completely new products to our customers!

So, what are we up to now?

At eMotimo Labs we are building, designing, experimenting, shooting photography, chatting with our community, and servicing our excising customers.

Although there are many imitators, the TB3 of today is still a rock-solid, valuable solution that we feel is unmatched relative to other moco units under $1000. When the TB3 goes out of stock, which is just around the corner, we will be here offering the same level of direct support we always have. We are still healthy and very much in business supporting the TB3. We are still going to offer accessories in our store but now that we are working on new products we wanted to give our community a heads-up!

What we launch next will only improve upon what we’ve created. We promise to share details as we go and you can expect big announcements over the next couple of months. Stay tuned on this page as we release live updates during the creative process. It will be worth waiting for!