dynamic perception

The Dynamic Perception NMx controller is now in stock

The fantastic new digital NMx motion controller from Dynamic Perception is now in stock at ElysiaVisuals.com. This is the official description from Dynamic Perception:

Dynamic Perception announced the MX3 Motion Controller

Introducing the Dynamic Perception VX1 Rotary Motion Blocks

Dynamic Perception has announced their upcoming VX1 motion blocks. These blocks can be used to create creative motion control solutions. We at ElysiaVisuals.com will have these blocks available in our store as soon as they are available for the market. Here is the original announcement:

Dynamic Perception D-Pod Multi-function Legs and Micro Tripod

Dynamic Perception has announced their long awaited Multi-function Legs and Micro Tripod today. These mini tripods will be available in a few weeks from the writing of this blog.  These tripods will be available from ElysiaVisuals.com; your official Dynamic Perception distributor. Please read the official announcement below:

Dynamic Perception Graffik is in public Beta

We are happy to announce that the Dynamic Perception Graffik Motion Control has reached a public Beta phase. This is the official announcement as made by Dynamic Perception.

Dynamic Perception Graffik motion control software is available

Today we have great news! Dynamic Perception has made the long awaited Graffik software available on Github. This software can control 32 nanoMoco enabled stepper motors per USB bus. This will allow you to create the most complex multi-axis movements that you need. The software supports both real-time motion control and shoot-move-shoot timelapse photography.

This screen shows the Film Workflow screen, note it's a multi-track style editor which will allow for controlling any kind of MoCoBus-enabled device on the timeline.

Dynamic Perception Cart Buddy Shelf for Dollies announced

The cart of the Dynamic Perception Slider sometimes doesn't provide enough room to hold all your gear like the MX2 or a battery. This is especially true when you use a large tripod head or a Merlin pan and tilt head. We at ElysiaVisuals have shipped velcro with our latest Stage One shipments, just to solve this issue. But now Dynamic Perception has announced the ultimate solution to free space on your Stage One slider; the "Cart Buddy Shelf for Dollies"

This is the "official" product description of Dynamic Perception:

ElysiaVisuals nanoMoCo break out boards are available

We already wrote about the nanoMoCo break out board that we designed. This small board can be connected to the nanoMoCo Stepper Driver board; the future of open source motion control. The standard nanoMoCo board doesn't provide a way to connect the connectors that you need. This is where our ElysiaVisuals break out board comes in.

Dynamic Perception Stage Zero dolly versus the Stage One Slider

Everyone can create time lapse movies. It's not that hard. There are even apps available that turn a smart phone into a time lapse camera. You see time lapse movies in almost every documentary. But most movies are taken with a static camera. The camera is not moving when the time lapse movie was shot. This is where motion control comes in. You can use motorized equipment that moves your camera automatically during the creation of a time lapse movie.

Focus Pull Using Dynamic Perception Stage Zero MX2 motion controller and Panasonic GH1

This video shows you how you can use focus pulling combined with the MX2 motion controller and Panasonic four/thirds camera's