Dynamic Perception announced the MX3 Motion Controller

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It was almost a public secret that Dynamic Perception was going to release a new motion controller. And that is just what happened today. The MX2 has a successor in the MX3. We at ElysiaVisuals.com have a very limited supply of MX2 controllers left that we can let go for a very small price. The MX2 is still great for all those DIY people out there. Please also don't forget that the MX2 can controll a Merlin head, while the MX3 cannot do this.

All bundles that include a motion controller will be shipped with the MX3 as of now. There is a short lead time because we need to stock the MX3 first. The MX3 will be available from the 1st of October. Reserve a Stage One or Stage Zero bundle now including the MX3. The MX3 will be slightly more expensive compared to the MX2, but we will keep our bundle prices at the current level for the next few weeks!

Below is the official announcement from Dynamic Perception:

Over the last year and a half we've seen and heard incredible stories of how you use your gear to help realize your creative vision. From Banff to Bangladesh your field notes pour in covering our whiteboards and fuelling our drive to innovate and deliver. We've been hard at work, knocking heads and melting keyboards; to be honest we just can't contain our excitement any longer:

Introducing the MX3 Motion Controller

We've redesigned our flagship motion controller from the ground up and packed Sherpa loads of punch into a slim sleek design. It's smarter. It's stronger. It's more capable and versatile. It's ready to unleash your creativity like never before.

All Stage Zero and Stage One bundles on our site have been upgraded to include the MX3 and units begin shipping October 1st (but likely sooner!).

From the guts to the case to the interface, the MX3 is a completely fresh rebuild of our MX2! Here's what all the buzz is about:

Smart and Connected

Beauty and brains with room to evolve: The MX3 has four times the memory of the MX2 (the initial release firmware only takes up 30% of the available memory!) which means there's tons of room to grow. Control and navigation is easier than ever with a simplified menu system and more control brought directly onto the home screen. Busting limitations has always been our focus and the MX3's additional connection and control capabilities kicks doors wide open:

3 Axis Motion Control

The MX3 supports three DC motor axes directly using the built-in motor drivers. Now much more versatile the industrial spec drivers can handle motors that draw up to 24 volts at 2 amps (double the voltage and amp of MX2)!

Auxiliary Inputs / Outputs

More ways to interact with your environment, integrate with other systems and expand your capabilities. Each I/O port has two independent lines bringing the total I/O channels to 4!

MocoBus Port

The MX3 comes with a dedicated MocoBus port to communicate with our future products based on the MocoBus network concept ( learn more about MocoBus here ). For example the upcoming net-workable stepper modules controlled by our free Graffik motion control software will allow users to build moves with the NMX or a series of NMX modules through the MocoBus port.

USB Host Capabilities

The Mx3 is capable of advanced camera control via PTP (firmware under development)

Industrial Strength

No detergent box hype here: We've designed the MX3 using a fully integrated single board with onboard chip utilizing 100% industrial grade components built to the highest specifications. Put simply the MX3 is designed to provide years of reliable operation in the field, wherever your photography takes you.

Powerfully Versatile

It's all about options: The MX3 supports up to 24V allowing you to use of a much wider variety of batteries including popular 14.4V Anton Bauer batteries.

Power-Monitoring and Power-Saving

The MX3 has live voltage metering and the ability to set warning levels to keep on top of attached batteries. Auto-dim the screen, or disable it completely on a timer to reduce power draw when shooting in the field. Advanced motor control reduces power draw during continuous motion moves.

Open Source

Maintaining our philosophy that open development will always trump closed and hidden systems, the MX3 is built around open-source electronics and firmware. Hack it, mod it, change the code, add new features - it's yours: you are free to experiment.


Motors Supported

3x 12-24V DC Brushed Motors, up to 2A max draw each

Power Input

(USB) DC 5V - Intervalometer Only
DC 12-24V - Motor Control

Power Consumption



5.7 ounces (161 gm)


6"x2"x1" (15.2 x 5 x 2.5 cm)