The Dynamic Perception NMx controller is now in stock

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The fantastic new digital NMx motion controller from Dynamic Perception is now in stock at This is the official description from Dynamic Perception:

Unleash your creativity like never before with precision repeatable ultra-intuitive tools for motion control. Function and accuracy that were once reserved for high end productions only now can be integrated easily into your existing gear or directly with a photographer's go to Dynamic Perception Stage One or Stage Zero Dolly Slider. We've listened closely to the needs and desires of our customers and designed a system with unmatched purpose and openness along side the timelapse and filmmaking creative arts community.

  • Smartphone and PC/Mac Graphic Interface
  • +Autonomous operation means the system runs without a phone or computer connection
  • Precise repeatable digital movement for move-shoot-move and smooth live action
  • Connected and networkable for expandable MoCoBus control
  • Compact lightweight design
  • Developed with advanced exposure control device compatibility in mind Ramper Pro, Timelapse+, DSLRdashboard. (features soon to be available)

Distributive autonomous operation

A fancy way of saying the system can run by itself without being connected to a Smartphone or Laptop. Devices can be used to set up and send commands to the system but once a program is running you are free to disconnect and turn off power hungry devices. We felt this was very important when shooting timelapse where a rig might need to run for hours or even days at a time. You can always re-connect and get status updates, pause or stop the system but the Smartphone or Laptop is not the master, it’s only a means to make computations, design moves and communicate.

Bluetooth LE

Wireless communication with mobile devices is a killer application; we can use the graphic and computational power of the smartphone to create rich user experience making setup fun and effortless even at a distance of 30 feet! Bluetooth Low Energy is the latest technology incorporated into mobile devices and it looks like it will remain so in coming years.

iOS and Android Apps

At release we’ll have both iOS and Android apps available for free download. The apps will have a virtual joystick for manual movement and setting keyframes. Users will be able to set up both video and timelapse moves as well as stop motion. The interface comes from input from experienced experts in the field and all the great feedback we’ve received from customers over the years. All the intuitive controls are up front while the complexity and math is under the hood.

Flexibility and Accuracy

Stepper motors are digitally driven motors; we send position signals (four wire) to the motor to drive their location. This means that we can know exactly where they are at all times. The result is even most sophisticated of a moves can be achieved, it also means that 'repeat' motion passes are possible because we can have it return to a 'home or start' position precisely. So for example say we want the system to start and end at specific points and then we want the same motion to happen in a different timeframe, this is all possible with very precise accuracy.


We started this project thinking big, unlike many solutions that are locked into only 1 to 3 axis of control the NMX can be networked via MocoBus (standard cat5 Ethernet cable). This means that up to 256 motors can be networked together allowing virtually unlimited creative control while maintaining perfect synchronization. This also means that other types of devices can be developed and added to the MocoBus network as well; joysticks, relays, 3rd party controllers and even cameras are just a few ideas! We’ve worked hard to create a system without boundaries with fully open source protocols and software development kits allowing anyone with the will to develop and connect to this highly flexible and adaptable system. Even devices with Bluetooth built in can wirelessly access the MocoBus network!


We understand that to achieve cutting edge creative results photographers and filmmakers have many tools in their bag. The ability to connect and coordinate these tools is what makes or breaks the shot. The core of the NMX is an open source system making it easy for third party developers to synchronize and even take control of Dynamic Perception devices. We’ve already been sharing our expertise and early prototypes to help connect excellent camera controllers like the RamperPro and Timelapse+. We’re just getting started if you have a device that you’d like to coordinate with our systems let the manufacturer know that our communication protocols are public and we’re here to help them connect to the NMX.


The NMX uses the same connections as our legacy systems and other popular systems in the market. The stepper motor connections are the same as used by our friends at Emotimo and the rest of the connections are the same as our analog MX3 DC controller so existing batteries and camera cables can still be used. All of our slider, pan and tilt hardware is designed to connect stepper motors so upgrading to this new control system is a breeze, only controller and digital motors are required.


The NMX is 3”x3”x1” and only weighs 6 oz! Extremely portable in a rugged enclosure and easy to take into the field and attach to rigs, no big bulky controller to deal with here..