time lapse photography

Free RamperPro aware Lightroom plug-in for timelapse photographers

We are very happy to present a new, free, fantastic Lightroom plug in-from Jeffrey Friedl. This native Adobe Lightroom plug-in can be used to bulk process time lapse sequences. The plug-in is RamperPro XMP file aware so you can do all required post processing and still enjoy the flicker free output of the RamperPro.

We have been using the Lightroom plug-in for a while now and it has became an extremely fast way to grade the white balance, exposure, vibrance etc. of the RamperPro shot images. You can made fades or offset the exposure of all images.

Time-lapse Motion Control with Dynamic Perception - Demo Reel 1

This video clearly shows the possibilities of timelapse combined with motion control. The equipment that is used can be found in our online store.

How to mount a Merlin head on the Dynamic Perception Stage One Slider

The plate of the Dynamic Perception Stage One Slider is smaller than the plate of the Stage Zero. This makes it a bit hard to mount the Merlin 2-axis pan and tilt head on the Stage One dolly. The Merlin cannot turn freely because the motor is in the way. You could drill an extra hole in the plate, but who wants to do that with this beautiful camera slider.

Time to spend some time behind my milling machine. The result is a small adapter. This adapter is mounted under the Merlin head. I milled a small chamber in the 15mm thick adapter so that the bold that mounts the adapter to the Merlin head is sunken in the adapter.

ElysiaVisuals nanoMoCo break out boards are available

We already wrote about the nanoMoCo break out board that we designed. This small board can be connected to the nanoMoCo Stepper Driver board; the future of open source motion control. The standard nanoMoCo board doesn't provide a way to connect the connectors that you need. This is where our ElysiaVisuals break out board comes in.

Dynamic Perception Stage Zero dolly versus the Stage One Slider

Everyone can create time lapse movies. It's not that hard. There are even apps available that turn a smart phone into a time lapse camera. You see time lapse movies in almost every documentary. But most movies are taken with a static camera. The camera is not moving when the time lapse movie was shot. This is where motion control comes in. You can use motorized equipment that moves your camera automatically during the creation of a time lapse movie.

Dynamic Perception announced the nanoMoCo Stepper Driver/Controller

nanoMoCo Stepper Driver/Controller

Dynamic Perception has announced their long awaited "nanoMoCo Stepper Driver/Controller" boards today. Dynamic Perception's mission is to provide low-cost and easy-to-use photographic motion-control systems. Our focus is to enable creativity and experimentation through open and unencumbered hardware, firmware, and software. Founded by the creators of the OpenMoCo open-source motion-control system we are striving to provide flexible and expandable kits for solving any motion-control need.

Timelapse Post-processing - Photos to Video using the Adobe Workflow

This video shows you how to create a time lapse video with the use of Adobe software.

Timelapse Post-processing: Time Remapping in After Effects

Time remapping gives you a way to manipulate the progression of time in your time-lapse.

Rather than having consistently moving time, you can speed up or slow down portions of your footage, or make parts go in reverse and others move forward. It's a great way to add some extra creativity to your project.

Dynamic Perception - Multi-Function Switch Block tutorial

Intro and basic tutorial on the Multi-Function Switch Kit. The switch kit can be used for a variety of uses, in this video we cover using it as a 'limit switch' and as a 'stop motion trigger'.

Dynamic Perception - Introduction to Shoot Move Shoot Mode

This hands-on video shows how to create Shoot Move Shoot (also know as Interleave) time-lapses using the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly and MX2 DollyEngine.

Link to 'First Time Out' Tutorial: First Time Out With The Stage Zero Dolly and MX2 DollyEngine