HDR time lapse

First test results of the ElysiaVisuals exposure ramper / timelapse controller

Here is the first test result of our upcoming timelapse controller. We did a ramping test where the camera is fully controlled via USB. This means that the camera is set to Manual by the controller. ISO and shutter speeds are also set by the controller. No manual intervention was needed. You just need to set the correct runtime parameters on the controller and you are good to go. The controller has a simulation mode which gives you very detailed information about the sequence that it will create. That way you can easily plan your timelapse sequence in advance.

ElysiaVisuals timelapse controller firmware is ready for testing

We have been working very hard on both the hardware and the software of our upcoming timelapse controller. The first hardware boards should arrive here in our electronics lab soon from now. I will post images of them as soon as they are soldered and working. I guess the time is almost coming that we are calling for beta testers.

The ElysiaVisuals time lapse controller hardware is reaching the Beta phase

Here is a sneak preview of our time lapse controller board. We have teamed up with another company to speed up the development of the electronics. The first 20 boards are ordered and we cannot wait to assemble a few of them. We don't want to give away all the specifications yet, but you can expect a lot of features.

You can control this time lapse controller via Bluetooth, WiFi, Dynamic Perceptions' Microbus or through the native user interface of the controller itself. We have also included connectivity with the MX2 motion controller, the eMotimo and other time lapse devices.

The ElysiaVisuals timelapse controller with exposure ramping is under development

I made a promise in the past. I was supposed to blog more about my exposure ramping ideas and upcoming solution. We have been working very hard, behind the scenes, on the development of our own time lapse controller. That is mainly the reason why we haven't blogged more lately; this controller is consuming a lot of our time.

HDR time lapse photography with the MX2 motion controller

The following video shows you how you can use the MX2 motion controller to create motion controlled HDR time lapse movies