Introducing the ElysiaVisuals timelapse device isolator

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You can use a lot of equipment when you are making timelapse movies with motion control. We have a lot of this equipment available in our online store. But what to do when you want to connect your devices? For example how can you connect an MX2, MX3 to an eMotimo? We had the same questions when we implemented the integration between our (soon) upcoming exposure ramper with the MX3 and TB3.

Please be care full when you connect the I/O ports of your MX3 directly to the TB3. You cannot do this and you have a high risk that you will fry your valuable electronics! That is why we made the ElysiaVisuals isolator board. This board isolates the I/O pins of the two devices that you want to connect. Just connect the board between our exposure ramper and the MX2, MX3 of TB3 and you can easily connect the devices. That makes it possible to fully control your camera with the ElysiaVisuals exposure ramper combined with all the motion control capabilities of our Dynamic Perception dollies or the eMotimo TB3 pan and tilt head.

The image shows an early prototype of the device. The final version will be housed. We will offer the device together with two 1 meter long 2.5 TRS cables that you can plug directly into the devices that you want to connect with each other.