ElysiaVisuals is now an official Kessler Crane dealer

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ElysiaVisuals is proud to announce that we are now an official Kessler Crane dealer. We are very happy that we can extend our motion control offerings even further. We continue to broaden our product offerings with the best motion control hardware that is currently available. Check out our site as we are going to add the Kessler products to our online shop!

Standards Founded in 2003, Kessler has seen a lot of changes. We've enhanced some of our original products, and we've added a few new ones as well. But one thing hasn't changed, our promise to deliver high quality in every product. No matter if it's a Kessler Crane or the Pocket Dolly, we deliver the highest caliber of craftsmanship so you get the best images possible.

A Subtle Movement The movement of the camera is like the punctuation of a sentence. Mistakenly using a question mark instead of a period can make it lose its meaning. Similarly, an unintentional jerk of the camera can blow a shot and ruin a production. Kessler products are designed to move smooth and calculated. Each product is tested with laser precision, giving you the ability to take control over the camera instead of the camera taking control over you.

Listening and Responding When designing new products, some companies spend tons of money on focus groups and market research. As Eric Kessler explains, we do it another way....we listen to our customers. “When people call us, we talk to them, and we listen. If I hear more than one person asking for the same thing, I know it's something we should be doing.” This attitude ensures that we are always cutting edge and address the needs of shooters today and tomorrow.

It's No Accident Kessler products have quickly gained the reputation of unparalleled reliability, and it's no accident. It's because we check everything before it leaves us. Every product is built, tested, disassembled, packaged and shipped directly from us to you, with no middleman in between. We scrutinize every piece of every product to ensure the highest quality possible.

We're Your Partner No matter the size of a production, time is money. If there are problems on set, it can make production costs soar, and we get that. Whether it's in the studio or on location, you can count on Kessler to stand by our products and you, every time.

Made in the USA We believe in doing things ourselves. For that reason, all of the Kessler products are assembled on site in Plymouth, Indiana.