Dynamic Perception Stage One slider announced

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Dynamic Perception has announced their long awaited "Stage One Dolly" system today. Dynamic Perception's mission is to provide low-cost and easy-to-use photographic motion-control systems. Our focus is to enable creativity and experimentation through open and unencumbered hardware, firmware, and software. Founded by the creators of the OpenMoCo open-source motion-control system we are striving to provide flexible and expandable kits for solving any motion-control need.

The new "Stage One Slider" is the ideal solution for both time lapse photographers and film makers. There will be several different kits available. You can choose to use the slider without a motor or you can use the full options "Stage One Motorized Slider". The motorized version can be controlled with the MX motion controller. All kits come in 4 feet lengths. A great feature of the new slider is that you can extend the slider to any desired length by adding 21 inch extensions.

Extension Sets are the core of the Stage One system. Each set includes two threaded detachable rails using precisely machined tubes and inserts to ensure excellent seamless alignment, and one mid-span support. Extension sets require a Stage One Hardware Set which includes the cart and end brackets to be fully functional. Each extension set adds 21 inches of total length to your slider. The mid-span support keeps your cart on the rails and provides an attachment point for standard supports, including tripods with 1/4-20, 3/8-16, or light stand heads.

The Stage One slider will be available in different configurations in our store within a very short time. Beware that we initially will have a limited supply so please contact us for price information or if you are interested in pre-ordering your Stage Zero Slider kit.