Sony A7

How to use the Sony Alpha α7r III with the RamperPro

The new Sony Alpha α7r III is now supported by the RamperPro. The great news about this camera is that the camera is able to store its' images on the memory card of the camera. That is a huge improvement because previous Sony camera models didn't have this feature. That meant that the RamperPro had to download the images from the camera. But that is not required anymore on the Sony Alpha α7r III! This means shorter intervals since the images can now stay on the camera itself. Note: The Sony Alpha α7r III is supported in RamperPro firmware 3072 and higher.

The RamperPro now supports Sony A7x cameras

We are very happy to announce that the current firmware of the RamperPro supports Sony A7 (A7R, A7Rii, A7s) cameras. This is a beta feature, but we are having some impressing and stable results as you can see in this video:

RamperPro Sony A7r beta test from ElysiaVisuals on Vimeo.

RamperPro support for Sony Alpha A7S, A7R and A7Rii

The upcoming 3058 firmware for the RamperPro will support the fantastic Sony Alpha A7 series. How does it work? Sony made a strange decision with their current camera firmwares. The camera is not storing its' images to the internal SD card as soon as you connect these cameras to a PC/Mac/RamperPro.