How to use the Sony Alpha α7r III with the RamperPro

The new Sony Alpha α7r III is now supported by the RamperPro. The great news about this camera is that the camera is able to store its' images on the memory card of the camera. That is a huge improvement because previous Sony camera models didn't have this feature. That meant that the RamperPro had to download the images from the camera. But that is not required anymore on the Sony Alpha α7r III! This means shorter intervals since the images can now stay on the camera itself. Note: The Sony Alpha α7r III is supported in RamperPro firmware 3072 and higher.

RamperPro firmware 3071 is available - Bardenas Reales release

We made it. Just before the end of this year. Here is a new exciting firmware release for the RamperPro time lapse controller. This release is available for all models of the RamperPro.

Minor RamperPro update released. Version 3069

We have just released firmware 3069 for all RamperPro models. This firmware adds support for some newer Canon cameras.

Change log

  • Added support for the Canon 1DX Mark II
  • Added support for the Canon 5D Mark IV
  • Fixed an issue where images were not shot in USB trigger mode when the trigger cable was also connected
  • Provide better feedback when the camera cannot be triggered to take a picture
  • Fixed several bugs

RamperPro firmware 3068 is available - Pyla Release

We are happy to announce the Pyla release of the RamperPro firmware. This release is the next evolution of the RamperPro firmware, it extends a lot of RamperPro first features like automatic XMP file creation to create flicker free timelapse movies, automatic brightness control and a super easy way to setup your sunset and sunrise timelapse shoot.

What was added in this new firmware:

Smoothing 2.0 - New deflicker algorithm for the RamperPro

RamperPro firmware 3066 is available for Sony A7 shooters

We just released RamperPro firmare 3066 for the RamperPro3 only. This fixes an issue where Sony A7 cameras wouldn't always ramp properly. This issue was only existing on the new RamperPro3. RamperPro1 and RamperPro2 users don't need to update to 3066.

Introducing the RamperPro3 - WiFi/Bluetooth - App support

The ElysiaVisuals team is happy and proud to announce the next evolution of the RamperPro, the RamperPro3. The best time lapse controller just got better. We have added WiFi and Bluetooth support. This makes it possible to use the App functionality without the need to use an additional WiFi Dongle.

RamperPro firmware 3060 is available - Florida Release

We just released the biggest and most important RamperPro firmware update that we have ever created. This is version 2.0 (aka 3060). The new firmware brings App (via WiFi) support and a very easy fully automatic ramping mode. You now only have to set the start exposure (that you can validate on the touch screen of the RamperPro or via the App) and the interval. We are very proud that nobody is left behind. The new features are available for all RamperPro owners, regardless of the hardware revision that you are using.

What is new in this new firmware:

What will be included in the next RamperPro firmware

How to create a Sony SD card for the RamperPro on Windows

How to greate a (micro)SD card for the RamperPro that supports a Sony A7 camera on Windows: