We are now an official Benro tripod reseller

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We are proud to announce that ElysiaVisuals is now an official Benro reseller. We have been looking for good tripods that can support our sliders and pan/tilt heads for a while. The classic European brands are too expensive and we believe that they don't offer a good price/quality relationship.

Benro tripods offer a very good quality for a very affordable price. We have been using them ourselves for a while now and we are confident to recommend these tripods to our customers. They are strong enough to carry your valuable slider including a pan and tilt head. This is good news since you would need two tripods to support your slider.

The heavier Benro tripods and ball heads are rock solid and they are more than strong enough to carry a heavy DitoGear OmniSlider including the Omnihead.

We will not be offering all Benro products on our site, but we are able to offer you all Benro products. The Benro products in our Benro Section are a selection of products from which we think that they combine perfectly with our motion control equipment.