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Dynamic Perception is working hard to introduce new products in 2013. Some of these great products have reached our on-line store today. We now have the Motor Quick Change System in stock. This system can be used on both the Stage Zero Slider and the Stage One Dolly. The Quick Change System can be used to easily remove or change the motor that is attached to your Dynamic Perception dolly system. You don't have to remove the belt or the pulley when you change these motors. The system can be fitted with 4 different DC motors, but we have stocked three of them.

The motors have been fitted with a planetary gearbox with the following RPM's: 8.13, 21.58 and 42.13. The higher the RPM, the faster the cart of your dolly will travel. The only "drawback" is that a faster motor has less torque. The fastest motor can still be loaded with 10 pounds. This means that you can still combine this motor with a heavy dSRL camera and a big lens.

The following table shows the characteristics of the motors that can be used with the Quick Change System:

RPM Max Speed 1 Max Load 2
1.56 5.48 inches/min 20 lbs
8.13 28.5 inches/min 17 lbs
21.58 75.75 inches/min 15 lbs
42.13 147.88 inches/min 10 lbs

1 - Using 3.15:1 standard pulley

2 - Maximum load that can sustain vertical speed

We are also offering stepper motors now with two different gear ratio's. These motors do also fit into the Motor Quick Change System! That way you can interchange the Dynamic Perception DC motors with our stepper motors. The stepper motors can be controlled by the eMotimo TB-3 pan and tilt head that we are also distributing. We supply these motors with the correct plug so that they can be connected to the eMotimo pan and tilt head.

The eMotimo can control three stepper motors when you upload the correct firmware. That way the eMotimo can control the two stepper motors of the pan and tilt head and the motor of your slider. This gives you the best of both worlds. A Dynamic Perception slider fitted with a stepper motor!

The new Dynamic Perception Motor Quick Change System
The system can also be fitted with stepper motors. These stepper motors can be controlled with the eMotimo TB-3 pan and tilt head