The RamperPro is now officially supported by LRTimelapse

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We are very happy to announce that we have joined hands with LRTimelapse. The latest version of LRTimelapse now has support for our RamperPro advanced timelapse controller. The RamperPro enables you to make advanced timelapse series with both Nikon and Canon camera's. You can even control two camera's and two motion control rigs at the same time. The RamperPro automatically generates XMP files that contain correction information so that Lightroom, Photoshop or After Affects can create flawless and flicker free timelapse series. The RamperPro can automatically ramp exposure because it uses an external light sensor that evaluates ambient light. It can also download the images from your camera during the shoot. These images are then analyzed by the RamperPro, the resulting histogram is used by the ramping software to prevent under and over exposure.

Our cooperation with LRTimelapse makes it possible for you to further enhance the images that you have made with the RamperPro. LRTimelapse has native support for the RamperPro. This way the valuable XMP information that is generated by the RamperPro is used by LRTimelapse so that you can use all the additional functionality that is delved by this post production software package.