The Ramper Pro will ship on the 24th of March

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ElysiaVisuals is happy to announce that the RamperPro time lapse controller will be available from the 24th or March. This is a big milestone for our company. We spent two and a half years in the development of the RamperPro. It all started with a very basic microcontroller and ended up in a very powerfull touch screen enabled controller. The result is the most professional, most capable and most feature rich time lapse controller in the world. It's the first hand-help time lapse controller that has full exposure ramping support for Nikon, a touch screen, support for two camera's (including USB control), uses actual jpeg image data from your camera for exposure analysis and a lot more!

The RamperPro supports all major Nikon and Camera dSLR camera's. You can now get great fluent time lapse sequences of day-to-night or night-to-day transitions even with Nikon or with two camera's that are tied together for stereoscopic time lapse sequences. You don't need any deflickering post-production steps because the RamperPro will produce very accurate XMP files that hold all the per image corrections that Adobe Lighroom or Adobe After Effects need in order to make flicker free stunning time lapses.

Upgrading the main firmware of the RamperPro is very easy and hassle free. Just connect the unit to the Internet and press the update button. The RamperPro will then download the latest firmware and it will install it automatically.

Please contact us if you live outside the European Union. We will then help you with the most economical shipping. We can then also invoice you without VAT.