How to use the TB3 and the Stage One with Dragon Frame

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We have been experimenting with Dragon Frame for a while now. Dragon Frame is a great piece of software that you can use to control stepper motor based motion control hardware. We were particularly interested in using Dragon Frame for complex multi axis moves with the Dynamic Perception Stage One slider combined with the eMotimo TB3 black pan and tilt head.

Setting this all up proved to be a bit more complex than we initially thought. That might be due to the fact that Dragon Frame was new to use, but that could be the case for many of our customers That is why we decided to write a small series of articles on our blog about how to setup Dragon Frame together with eMotimo TB3 pan and tilt head as the stepper motor controller.

We first want to give you a solid introduction to Dragon Frame. What is it and what is it's background? Here are two great video's created by the Dragon Frame company. Our next blog about this topic will describe how to setup your eMotimo TB3 pan and tilt head together with a Dynamic Perception slider for use with Dragon Frame. We will also cover the options about how to fit a stepper motor on a Dynamic Perception slider. Stay tuned!