Dynamic Perception Cart Buddy Shelf for Dollies announced

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The cart of the Dynamic Perception Slider sometimes doesn't provide enough room to hold all your gear like the MX2 or a battery. This is especially true when you use a large tripod head or a Merlin pan and tilt head. We at ElysiaVisuals have shipped velcro with our latest Stage One shipments, just to solve this issue. But now Dynamic Perception has announced the ultimate solution to free space on your Stage One slider; the "Cart Buddy Shelf for Dollies"

This is the "official" product description of Dynamic Perception:

"The Cart Buddy slips onto your motor on the Stage Zero or Stage One to provide enough room to mount your MX2 and battery, or any other accessories you need - freeing up valuable space on the slider cart.

This hanger shelf slips quickly and easily onto the motor, and rotates freely to reduce the chance of damage should it run into an obstacle during your shot. It comes off easily for packing up your gear, and the MX2 can be left attached to it when not in use.

Two strips of adhesive hook-and-loop are provided for retaining objects on the cart, and the lower lip on the Cart Buddy keeps unsecured objects from falling off."